Dear Fellow Patriot,

With so much at stake, I need your advice on deciding where to focus our resources in 2021.

Should we focus on pushing for a vote on Constitutional Carry, stopping Bloomberg’s radical agenda, repealing gun control already on the books -- or should we fight for gun rights on all fronts?

Please fill out your 2021 Hoosier Gun Rights Member Directive letting me know how you want me to proceed, and make a generous contribution of $90, $60, or even $30 to help fund this fight RIGHT AWAY.

For Freedom,

Will Fite
Director of Legislation
Hoosier Gun Rights

Official 2021 Hoosier Gun Rights Member Directive

Option 1: Push for a Vote on Constitutional Carry!
Hoosier Gun Rights should focus on getting lawmakers on record for the Second Amendment in Indiana!

Option 2: Stop Bloomberg’s Radical Agenda!
Hoosier Gun Rights should fight “Gun Control, Inc.” and any new gun control schemes!

Option 3: Repeal Gun Control Already on the Books!
Hoosier Gun Rights should work to repeal Indiana’s dangerous “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation scheme!

Option 4: Fight on All Fronts, Don’t Give Even an Inch!
Select this option if you think HGR should go ALL-OUT fighting gun control on all fronts.



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